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Tesla Summon turns vehicles into giant RC cars

By AJ Dellinger

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When Elon Musk takes to Twitter, you’re never quite sure what is going to happen. Luckily for Tesla owners, his recent tweets were just to reveal a new feature coming to the line of vehicles. According to Musk, Teslas will soon have an “advanced summon” feature for controlling the car even when you’re not behind the wheel.

Musk has always talked a big game when it comes to his cars, and the latest is no exception. According to Tesla’s CEO, the Summon feature will allow certain vehicles to drive to the location of the owner’s phone. It will even follow them “like a pet” according to Musk, if the car owner holds down the Summon button on the Tesla app.

Just in case having your car mirror your every move isn’t enough for you, Musk added one more feature: the ability to remotely control the vehicle while you’re not in the driver’s seat. As long as you’re in the line of sight of the car, you’ll be able to control it remotely from your phone. Musk said it will be like having a “big RC car.”

At least one person has already put the Summon feature to use to move his car. Shawn Kennedy posted a video on Twitter that showed him remotely moving his car from one parking spot to another in order to avoid a ticket in spaces with two hour limits. Kennedy moves the car from the comfort of his office several stories above the street.

The Summon feature and all the promised bells and whistles that come with it will reportedly be available within the next six weeks or so, per Musk’s tweets. It will arrive via an over-the-air software upgrade. That means Tesla owners will go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning with a car that can follow them around. Summon will be available on most Tesla models from the last two years. As long as the car has the advanced driver assistance system (usually referred to as Autopilot) or the upgraded version known as enhanced Autopilot, it will be able to get the Summon update.

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