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Get funky and launch rockets at enemies in ‘Fortnite’ update 6.02

By Gabe Gurwin

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Fortnite’s update 6.02 has arrived and in the spirit of Halloween, Epic Games has added the option to dance around with your friends wearing ridiculous costumes. As predicted, the Skull Trooper skin has made a comeback alongside new Skull Squad gear that you can find in the Fortnite item shop starting today. You’ll also be getting into the dancing spirit with a new Limited Time Mode called “Disco Domination”, and if you’re in the mood for something a little more dangerous, the newest weapon additions are just what you need.

Disco Domination

fortnite update 6 02 disco domination fortnitedisco

“Disco Domination” combines the two things people like to do most in Fortnite — killing each other and dancing — and turns it into a competitive mode. Two teams of 50 players each are placed on the battle royale map, which five dance floors appearing whenever the storm is not moving inward. To win, you have to capture and protect dance floors by dancing on them with no other enemies present, and you can do so more quickly in the later parts of the map. Once the storm hits its third circle, respawning will be enabled, as well, allowing for more frenetic and exciting matches.

Quadlauncher and Noble Launcher

Also introduced in the update is the new “Quadlauncher” weapon, which fires four rockets at enemies with devastating results. Not only can it be used to quickly kill your targets — and it can also be used to destroy their structure and flush them out from hiding spots. A similar weapon called the “Noble Launcher” has been added to the Save the World mode, as well, and fires a “beam of piercing energy” at hordes of enemies.

Port-a-Fortress Returns

If you’re not the best builder, you can still be competitive in battle royale with the return of Port-a-Fortress. The item can be looted and allows you to place enormous structures without going through the building process, though it has an availability of less than 2 percent with the update. If an enemy doesn’t expect it, the Port-a-Fortress can be a great surprise trick to get the edge in a match.

6.02 bug fixes

fortnite season 6 dogs pets

There were a few bug fixes and tweaks made since update 6.01, some of which address problems with that update’s content. An issue with the dog companion Bonesy barking too frequently was fixed, as was an issue with the circle moving too close to a previous safe zone. Xbox One and Switch also received special attention to texture and hitching issues, respectively. You can find the full Fortnite update 6.02 patch notes on the official Epic Games site.

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