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Veronica Mars revival: everything we know so far

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By Kaitlin Thomas,

After three seasons, a crowd-funded feature film, and two novels, Veronica Mars is returning to Neptune for a new limited series on Hulu. The neo-noir series starring Kristen Bell became a fan favorite during its initial run on UPN and The CW before helping to usher in the revival and reboot trend way back in 2013, when Bell and creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter to fund a follow-up movie. It only makes sense then that the series would want to get in on the revival action again before the wave eventually (hopefully) ends.

Of course, the times have changed quite a bit in the five years since fans ponied up the cash for the chance to return to Neptune; now every show that might have once made someone feel something in their heart region is being considered as a possible reboot or revival. But Veronica Mars is the only series that has the narrative depth and the continued interest of fans to be able to pull off a revival twice.

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"People are wondering what Veronica Mars is doing right now," Kristen Bell told SiriusXM's EW Radio when asked about the new series. "There's never been a lapse in the fanbase. When I allude to anything Veronica Mars online, people lose their marbles. And it's so wonderful and cute to know that it means something to people still."

It definitely means something to a lot of people still. So we've gathered up everything fans might need or want to know about the latest chapter in Veronica's story below. Be sure to check back often as we'll be updating this story whenever new information is announced.

It's coming in 2019. We don't really know when in 2019 Bell's titular sleuth will return, but at some point in those 12 months, it will definitely, for sure happen. Our best guess is probably summer, since that's when the first three seasons, as well as the 2014 feature film, will be available to stream exclusively on Hulu.

The old gang is getting back together. In addition to Bell, Jason Dohring, who plays Veronica's very much on-again boyfriend Logan Echolls -- at least we hope they're still on after rekindling their relationship in the feature film -- is set to return as everyone's favorite former bad boy/current navy pilot. Also confirmed to be returning are Percy Daggs III as Veronica's best friend Wallace Fennel and Francis Capra as everyone's favorite biker with a soft side Eli "Weevil" Navarro.

Unfortunately, there's no word yet on whether Enrico Colantoni will be back as Veronica's father Keith, but let's be real: there's no Veronica Mars without Keith. Ditto for Tina Majorino's Mac. Meanwhile, Ryan Hansen, who plays fan favorite character Dick Casablancas (and is best friends with Bell in real life), also hasn't signed on yet, but we're crossing our fingers that he returns. Especially since David Starzyk, who plays Dick's father Richard, is confirmed to return.

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It is an eight-episode limited series. Limited series are all the rage now, especially since the word limited apparently has no meaning! You can call something a limited series but then later change your mind and then everyone else just has to accept it! So will this be the last time we revisit Veronica Mars? Maybe! Who knows?! Not us! Bell said she was up for playing Veronica "as long as we feel there's a hunger for Veronica Mars, and the world still needs to see her fight the good fight, and it still feels topical."


People are being murdered! It's probably not people we care about though. According to the logline released by Hulu, it's mostly spring breakers who are pushing up daisies in Neptune these days. Unfortunately, their deaths are kind of wreaking havoc on the town's tourism industry, which is sort of understandable, we suppose. No one wants to go to go the beach if dead bodies are washing up on shore! (To be clear, we don't know where the bodies are located.) The parents of one of the victims eventually hires Mars Investigations to look into their son's death, which means Veronica is drawn into what Hulu describes as an "epic mystery" that "pits the enclave's wealthy elites, who would rather put an end to the month-long bacchanalia, against a working class that relies on the cash influx that comes with being the West Coast's answer to Daytona Beach." So everything we already know and love about Veronica Mars? Great!

It takes place five years after the movie. Thomas revealed on Twitter that the new episodes take place five years after the movie. He also said that although the Veronica Mars novel The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line is also set against the backdrop of spring break, that's not the story the limited series is telling.

The books are obviously canon. If you still haven't read the two novels that came out after the film, you should 1) figure out your life, and 2) probably get on that. According to Thomas, the "books are 98% canon," and says that Pony, the puppy Logan and Veronica adopted, is included. Meanwhile, Marcia Langdon, who ran against Sheriff Dan Lamb, is now the police chief. He also revealed that Neptune finally incorporated, which is something we know everyone was really wondering about.

This isn't a nostalgia-fest. The Veronica Mars movie was made for the fans, which means it was very nostalgic and featured a whole slew of familiar faces. All of that was great, but according to Thomas, the new series is not any of that. It's returning to the show's roots a bit, and will be what he calls "hardcore So-Cal noir." In speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Bell echoed those sentiments but confirmed it wasn't going to be the same as the original series either. "It's going to be a darker world. It's going to be a bigger world," she said. "It's definitely not going to be what we did on UPN or The CW, so I want to brace fans for that. It's going to be darker and bigger and more cinematic and definitely a little bit different."

Familiar faces are working behind the scenes though. Thomas is obviously returning to executive-produce the series alongside Bell and fellow Veronica Mars alums Diane Ruggiero-Wright and Dan Etheridge. Thomas is also set to write the premiere.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a writer. This sounds like a joke, but it's not a joke. In addition to being one of the greatest basketball players of all time, he's also a prolific writer. And now he is on the writing staff of the Veronica Mars revival (he's also set to appear in the final season of iZombie too).

We're going to be really sad if Vinnie Van Lowe doesn't return. What? Don't even pretend you're not dying to know what Vinnie (Ken Marino) is doing now. Is he still living in a van? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

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