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This tiny house produced in the Alps opens up to the skies

By Clayton Moore

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Okay, “head in the stars” may sound like a Coldplay lyric but it’s a pretty good description for this tiny house in France being manufactured by a company called SCOP Optinid. While it resembles other tiny house designs in many respects, its outstanding feature is that the upstairs bedroom lies just under a roof that can open up to the skies.

Its name, which like most things sounds cooler in French, is La Tte dans les toiles, which translates to the aforementioned “head in the stars.” The unit measures a little under 25 feet long (7.2 meters for you European-leaning sorts) and about eight feet wide (2.5 meters) and is transportable via towing on a double-axle trailer.

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Optinid, based in the Rhone-Alps region of France, is manufacturing the tiny home in two different configurations. The “Nature” range is purposefully designed for individuals to live year-round in comfort while optimizing a person’s ecological habits, with materials that are bio-sourced from local suppliers.

Conversely, the “Professional” line of homes is modeled on a wider number of applications suitable to tourists, bed and breakfasts, and campsites among other venues. Optinid says it can also design unique models by first modeling a tiny home to a buyer’s specifications in 3D and then building to suit once the concept is validated.

The Head in the Stars models can be operated completely off-grid, as they feature solar panels, a rainwater collection system with a built-in pump and filter for drinking water, and a bathroom with shower, sink, and dry toilet. Water is heated with gas and the home can be warmed up with a gas heater.

Other amenities include a daybed and a folding office desk, a folding dining table that seats three, and a tiny little kitchen that includes a sink, propane-powered cooking unit, a refrigerator, and a minimum of cupboard space.

Of course, the pice de rsistance is the removable roof, which slides away in seconds and can be replaced in an equal amount of time if the weather changes.

The display unit pictured here debuted at a design show in France and has subsequently been used as extra accommodation at a bed and breakfast in the region. This display model is currently for sale at a reduced price of $54,000 (47,000 euros), down from a regular retail price of $62,500 (54,000 euros).

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