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‘Fortnite’ player sets single-game kills record, and everyone hates him

By Gabe Gurwin

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This past weekend, Epic Games ran an event inFortnite that saw a rocket soar into the air, apparently shattering the space-time continuum and putting into doubt much of what we know about the game’s universe — or multiverse. During this period, most players refrained from killing each other in battle royale matches so that they could watch the launch unfold, but a certain troll had other ideas.

PC player Elemental_Ray took other players’ pacifistic behavior not as a peace offering, but as an opportunity to murder dozens of innocents.

Elemental_Ray, whose lifetime kill-to-death ratio is a pitiful 0.47 — deserving of scorn and mockery — managed to kill 48 other players simultaneously during a match on Saturday. The players had gathered on top of a constructed ramp in order to make viewing the rocket launch easier. Elemental_Ray promptly destroyed it, sending them all plummeting to their deaths as their games ended and they missed out on viewing the one-time-only launch.

Needless to say, the internet isn’t too happy at Elemental_Ray for his actions. Replies vary between outright hatred and apathy, though a few people seem to think his actions were funny. As this is a video game and you can go watch the launch yourself by viewing our article on it, we’re leaning toward it being hilarious.

This type of betrayal is relatively minor compared to what is possible in other online games. We’ve tried to pull a fast one on fellow Sea of Thieves players before, but nothing compares to the dastardly tricks possible in Eve Online. The spaceship game has featured some legendary acts of deceit over the years, including the destruction of entire fleets of ships, and we can’t imagine getting invested in a game that can send your world crashing down that hard.

Given the success of Fortnite, it’s almost guaranteed that a similarly huge event will come to the game before too long. Most players will likely be ready to put their weapons down and observe it together, but if you happen to see Elemental_Ray trotting along the battlefield during the event, shoot him in his big stupid face so he can’t ruin it again.

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