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Flo smart home water alert users can get their water damage expenses paid for

By Bruce Brown

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Flo Technologies announced HomeProtect,an optional home water damage reimbursement program, which will pay subscribers up to $2,500 for out-of-pocket homeowner’s insurance deductible expense.

For the $5 monthly HomeProtect subscription fee, homeowners also get access to greater-than-standard levels of support for problems, questions, and water use analysis. The key HomeProtect component,however, is the financialsecurity of insurance deductible coverage. HomeProtect is available only to customers who bought the Flo smart home water-monitoring and conservation device.

Asa reminder, homeowners install the $500 Wi-Fi-connected Flo device on their home’s main water supply line. After the hardware installation, which usually requires hiring a plumber, owners connect the hardware and Flo iOS or Android smartphone app.

With the hardware and software installed, Flo continuously monitors water usage in the house. Flo monitors water pressure, flow,and temperature.

The system is designed to learn normal water-usage patterns and to proactively detect and respond when it detects an abnormality such as a leak, no matter how small. When it detects a leak, Flo shuts off the water supply. Customers alsocan configure the smartphone app to receive alerts when unusual usage occurs or when it shuts the water off.

In addition to watching for potentiallydamaging water leaks, the app can help homeowners conserve by providing hard data on how much and where water is used. The company claims that once the Flo device learns about customer’s water usage, the smartphone app displays the amount of water used by each fixture and appliance in the home.According to the manufacturer, the device has helped U.S. homeowners save more than 1 million gallons of water since the device launched in February.

The Flo water consumption conservation feature is an important but secondary purpose. The primary job is to prevent water damage. And that is where the new HomeProtect program comes into play.

As part of the HomeProtect launch, Flo will help new customers with the installation costs. Flo will reimburse $150 for Flo device plumbing installation costs for systems purchased from June 12 to June 17. Customers who buy a Flo monitoring system during the promotion do not have to subscribe to HomeProtect to be eligible for the plumbing reimbursement.

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