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You’ll soon be able to arm yourself with replica ‘Fallout 76’ gear

By Gabe Gurwin

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Bethesda’s Fallout series has a ton of iconic equipment, including the T-51 Power Armor and the Pip-Boy 2000. Most of these items have stayed in the digital realm thus far, but GameStop and ThinkGeek will give you a chance to own them in real life very soon.

Now available to pre-order, theFallout 76 Pip-Boy 2000 Construction Kit comes with 250 separate parts, along with the tools needed to build it, a vegan leather case, and an “in-world construction manual.” It will be released later this year and will set you back $150. GameStop and ThinkGeek stress that building it is half the fun, and we think it might be all the fun unless you plan on wearing it in public.

“The Fallout 76 Pip-Boy 2000 Construction Kit is unlike any product we have sold before for a video game property,” saidTy Liotta, ThinkGeek chief product officer, in a press release. “The combination of high-quality, DIY construction with in-world presentation and precision craftsmanship is completely unique in the consumer product space.”

Even the case the Pip-Boy comes in looks beautiful. And if you don’t have the patience to build the device, it’ll still look gorgeous on your shelf as separate pieces.

But that isn’t even close to everything GameStop and ThinkGeek announced. Also available to pre-order are replicas of the games’ plasma sniper, plasma pistol, “Super Sledge Hammer,” fusion core, and “Power Fist.” There are all 1:1 scale replicas, making them perfect for anyone looking to cosplay at a convention.

Several other replica statues also available for pre-order now. These include Atomic Atlas, Liberty Prime, Dog Meat, Vault Girl and T-51 Power Armor statues, as well as a Fusion Flea die-cast replica car. We hope you have plenty of free shelf space for all of these collectibles, as there are enough of them to clutter an entire row.

On June 10, Bethesda Game Studios showed the first gameplay for Fallout 76. The online-only multiplayer game allows you to team up with dozens of other players in a West Virginia setting. It’s a prequel to the other entries in the series. It’s out for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on November 14.

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