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Here’s our take on the best camera bags for every budget

By Gannon Burgett

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Best camera bags

After spending hundreds —if not thousands —of dollars on camera equipment, the last thing you want to do is damage that equipment by not properly storing and transporting it. Much like laptop bags, there are thousands of camera bags in the market, just waiting to safely house your gear.To make your decision easier, we’ve rounded up the best camera bags for photographers of all levels, at various price points. From a rugged backcountry backpack to a luxurious leather messenger, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a bag to fit your needs and your budget. (We reference DSLRs in this article, but these bags will also accommodate mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.)


AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag ($14)


If you wantprotection without any unnecessary bells and whistles, look no further than Amazon’s very own Medium DSLR Bag. It can hold one DSLR and two lenses, and even has a dedicated slot for a 12-inch tablet. It might not offer the most robust protection or stand up to brutal environments, but it gets the job done if you have a small camera kit. And like all Amazon Basics products, the best part is the price — only $18 (often a few dollars less with discounts). That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

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Lowepro Tahoe BP 150 ($59+)


Lowepro is one of the most well-respected names in the camera bag industry. And with good reason: They produce quality bags at an affordable price point. One of the best example of this is Lowepro’s Tahoe BP 150 backpack. Capable of holding a DSLR, two lenses, a flash, and plenty of accessories, it’s a great backpack from one of the most trusted names in the business.

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Amazon B&H Photo

Case Logic Kontrast 101 ($75)

It’s hard to beat the value of Case Logic bags. They might not be at the top of the line in terms of quality, but there’s no doubt they’ll protect your gear — and most often at half the price of equivalent bags from other manufacturers. Case Logic’s Kontrast 101 bag is no exception. It opens up from the back, but also features an easy top-access door for times when you need to get to your camera quick. Inside, there’s enough room to store a pair of DSLRs and a half dozen lenses. There’s also a set of pockets on the back panel that can store a laptop and tablet for safe keeping. At $75, this bag has a lot to offer.

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Incase DSLR Sling Pack ($70)

If you want something that doesn’t quite scream “camera bag” to the world, check out Incase’s DSLR Sling Pack. It can hold a small-to-medium DSLR setup as well as a pair of lenses. There’s also enough room to sneak in a tablet or a MacBook Airfor when you need to bring your computer along. Its sling-style design means all of the weight will be on one shoulder, but considering it’s not designed to lug around a full-sized setup, it shouldn’t be too bad to carry around.

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InCase Amazon

Chrome Niko Pack Camera Backpack ($170)

Chrome Niko Pack camera bag

Chrome is better known for its bike messenger bags, so it might not be the first company you think of when you hear camera bags, but don’t count it out. Chrome makes quite the impression with its Niko Pack camera backpack. Designed with Chrome’s signature street-style aesthetics, the Niko Pack offers a safe haven for a DSLR with a lens attached and room for two more lenses (or one lens and an external flash). In addition to being weather sealed, Chrome offers a lifetime guarantee on the bag.

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Chrome Industries Amazon


WANDRD PRVKE 21 ($264)

Wandrd Prvke 21 review
Daven Mathies/Digital Trends

When we reviewed the WANDRD PRVKE (pronounced “provoke”), we found it to be one of the most versatile camera backpacks we had ever tested. With its weatherproof tarpaulin exterior and expandable roll top, it can carry all manner of gear and personal items in just about any weather conditions. It’s also quite stylish and is available in black, green, or blue (pictured above). The base bag retails for just $184, but the photography bundle pushes that up to $264 and includes accessory straps, a padded waist belt, a separate rain cover, and the removable camera cube that organizes the main compartment for a camera body and several lenses.

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Domke F-2 Original Camera Bag ($120)

Donker F-2 camera bag

It doesn’t get any more classic than a Domke F-2. Used by photographers the globe over for decades, the Domke F-2 is a perfect example of function over form. Capable of holding two DSLRs in addition to three separate lenses and accessories, the Domke F-2 has the classic photojournalist look, with enough space to keep all your equipment safe, regardless of where you’re shooting.

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Amazon B&H Photo

Think Tank Airport Essentials ($185)

ThinkTank Airport Essentials camera bag

Think Tank Photo knows a thing or two about creating quality camera backpacks. A prime example is its Airport Essentials camera backpack. Designed to fit most carry-on size limitations, Think Tank Photo managed to make a compact bag that’s still spacious enough to hold multiple camera bodies, up to half a dozen lenses, and even a laptop.

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Amazon B&H Photo

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag ($220)

best camera bags bag mosaic 19

Peak Design was quite literally “Kickstarted” into existence, in May 2011, when its founder Peter Dering launched the Capture Camera Clip on Kickstarter. Since then, the company has continually introduced new products, with one of the latest being its record-breaking Everyday Messenger Bag. Designed alongside noted photographer Trey Ratcliff, the Everyday Messenger Bag is truly a camera bag designed by photographers, for photographers. It features solid build quality, a unique origami-inspired divider system, and more bells and whistles than you could ever ask for in a messenger style camera bag. It comes in 13-inch and 15-inch variations, each of which can carry a DSLR, up to fourlenses, a handful of accessories, a tripod, and a laptop of the respective size.

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Amazon B&H Photo

Manfrotto Bumblebee-230 ($250)

best camera bags manfrotto bumblebee

Manfrotto is best known for its tripods and camera support systems, but back in 2014 it made its way into the camera bag game when it announced the purchase of Kata. Since then, multiple Kata bags have been rebranded with Manfrotto insignias and colors. One such bag is the Bumblebee-230, an interesting carrier that opens up from the front, revealing a very spacious divider compartment. Unlike other camera bags, which offer rear-panel access or side access, the Bumblebee-230 needs to be laid down before you can open up the front panel to access your gear. The payoff of the unusual design is a massive amount of space and a great deal of protection. In addition to carrying Multiple DSLRs and half a dozen lenses, the Bumblebee-230 can also hold a plethora of accessories in its upper compartment and up to a 15-inch laptop in a dedicated rear pocket.

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Manfrotto B&H Photo

MindShift Rotation180 Horizon 34L ($260)

best camera bags mindshift rotation 180

Of all the backpacks, this is by far the most unique. Designed and produced by MindShift, the sister company of Think Tank Photo, the Rotation180 Horizon combines a quick-access belt system into a camera backpack. Packed inside the bottom of the bag is a dedicated compartment that can house a DSLR and up to three lenses. This compartment locks into place within the safety of the backpack, but with the quick lift of a magnetic connector, you can swing the compartment around from your back. This gives you instant access to your gear without needing to take off your backpack. Above the rotating belt pack, you’re given a generous amount of storage space for clothing, food, chargers, tablets, and more. For photographers who enjoy back-country hikes, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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Amazon B&H Photo

Mission Workshop “The Rhake” and “The Capsule” ($495)

best camera bags mission workshop the rhake capsule ii

If streetwear is more your style and want a backpack that can serve as both a camera bag and daypack, LA-based Mission Workshop has a backpack setup that fits the bill. Mission Workshop’s “The Rhake” roll-top backpack paired with its “The Capsule” camera insert makes for a solid setup that gets the job done without looking like a camera bag. The Rhake backpack has a humble 22-liter main compartment with multiple other pockets on the front of the bag and a dedicated side-access laptop pocket on the rear of the bag. It comes in four colors (black, grey, olive, and black camo) and is constructed of two-layer weatherproof material to ensure your bag and gear stay dry even if you get caught in a rainstorm. The Capsule insert is designed to slip right into the main compartment of the bag, but also serves as a safe spot to house your gear even when you’re not using it. It can hold up to two non-gripped DSLRs and three or four lenses depending on your setup. The Rhake and The Capsule retail for $365 and $130, respectively. While that might seem like a lot, all Mission Workshop gear is made entirely in the United States and features a lifetime warranty — something few other camera bag manufacturers offer.

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The Rhake The Capsule


Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW ($200)

LowePro Protactic 450-AW camera bag

If you like modularity and ruggedness, you won’t find a better option than Lowepro’s ProTactic 450 AW camera bag. Made to look like the rugged tactical bags used by militaries around the world, the ProTactic 450 AW features an outside covered completely in MOLLE webbing, while offering a soft and spacious inside for all of your expensive camera gear. It can house two DSLRs and upwardof six lenses, alongside accessories and a 15-inch laptop. It features a built-in rain cover and Lowepro’s proprietary ActivZone System Harness for a comfortable and customizable fit.

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Amazon B&H

Think Tank Photo Airport Accelerator ($295)

ThinkTank Airport Accelerator camera bag

For times when you need to pack your entire camera collection and every lens you own, you’re going to need a big backpack. Enter Think Tank Photo’s Aiport Accelerator Backpack. Similar in design to Think Tank’s Airport Essentials carry-on, the Accelerator bumps up the storage capacity, with the ability to carry lenses as large as 600mm (without the lens hood). If the biggest lens you have is in the 300mm range, you can pack that alongside two other DSLRs with lenses attached and a couple of additional lenses. It might not look pretty, and it’ll definitely take a toll on your back when full, but if you need to lug around a lot of gear in a backpack, this behemoth should have you covered.

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Amazon B&H

Tenba Roadie Hybrid Roller 21 ($400)

tenba roadie hybrid roller 21 review 181
Hillary Grigonis/Digital Trends

Need a large capacity roller bag with the option to wear it as a backpack? Tenba has you covered with the Roadie Hybrid Roller 21. This bag is all about the jet setter photographer, built to meet the overhead compartment standards of most domestic and international flights, while it’s firm exterior keeps your gear protected. It can hold two camera bodies and up to 10 lenses depending on size, and is long enough to carry a 400mm full-frame lens. And when you need to move quickly or over rough terrain, just bust out the shoulder straps and carry it on your back. As our review covered, it’s not the most comfortable backpack out there, but it does make for a very versatile roller bag.

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Amazon B&H

Pelican 1535TP with TrekPak Divider System ($315)

Pelican 1535TP camera bag

Okay, okay, the Pelican Air 1535 isn’t technically a camera “bag.” But for all intents and purposes, it does the same thing, just better. No matter how much you enjoy having a backpack you can toss onto your body and travel with, there are times when your gear needs a little more protection than a backpack or messenger bag can offer. The gold standard for hard case protection is Pelican — and with good reason. This photo-specific version of its iconic travel case is capable of protecting your equipment from everything short of a direct mortar hit.

Not only is the Pelican Air 1535 28-percent lighter than its predecessor, it uses double-throw latches, an automatic purge valve for balancing air pressure during elevation changes, and a proprietary polymer to securely house your equipment. Thanks to the TrekPak Divider option, you can easily rearrange the case to fit almost any setup you can throw its way. The possibilities are limitless and unless you’re running a commercial operation, you shouldn’t run out of room anytime soon.

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F-Stop Sukha ($339+)

best camera bags fstopsukha

So, you’re looking for a camera bag that can go into the most remote backcountry and hold up to any environment you throw its way? Look no further than F-Stop’s Sukha backpack. At 70 liters, it’s the second-largest bag in F-Stop’s Mountain Series lineup and more than big enough to pack all of your camera gear and camping equipment for a multiple-day backpacking adventure. One of the most unique features of this bag is the ability to choose how much space you want to dedicate to storing your gear.

F-Stop offers multiple Internal Camera Units (ICUs) that slide into the main compartment and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit your collection of gear. In addition to the modular ICUs, the bag offers a dedicated hydration bladder port, multiple attachment points for hiking poles, and incredible weatherproofing thanks to waterproof zippers, an incredibly durable bottom, and a lightweight but water-resistant polyethylene (Dyneema)exterior. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an outdoor adventure the Sukha can’t keep up with. Just make sure your back and legs are ready for the weight you’ll be lugging around.

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ONA Leather Union Street ($489)

best camera bags ona leather 1

To top off our list, we present to you one of the most impressive — and expensive — camera bags on this list, the ONA Leather Union Street messenger bag. Made of Italian full-grain leather and brass components, the Leather Union Street is as much a fashion statement as it is a case to house your camera gear. It can fit a DSLR, up to three lenses, and a 15-inch laptop, all of which is housed inside a soft, padded interior that hides within the timeless exterior. At $490, it’s by no means a budget option, but so long as you take care of the leather, it should hold up to decades of use with little sign of wear. After all, leather only gains character as time goes on.

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Amazon ONA Bags

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