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Tackling the backcountry? LynQ smart tracker doesn’t need cell networks or GPS

By Kraig Becker

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Keeping track of where all of your friends are when hiking in the backcountry — or even just attending a large concert — can be a real challenge, particularly if the cell networks are overloaded or even nonexistent. But a new product launching on Indiegogo promises to make it easier than ever to track the location of friends and family, while also providing directions and distance to where they are in real time.

This new device is called LynQ, and it is being marketed as a smart compass for the 21st century. As such, it doesn’t require an app, a cell phone or Wi-Fi network, or a subscription fee of any kind. The device is small, lightweight, and built for use in the outdoors, which means it is waterproof and rugged. It also comes with a built-in carabiner that makes it easy to clip on a jacket, backpack, or belt loop.

According to its designers, the LynQ is incredibly easy to use. The device has just one button and a small screen that displays simple but important information. Up to 12 LynQ users can synchronize their units to one another and then track each other independently. You simply select the name of the person you want to track and who you are synced with, and the smart compass locates them and provides the direction and distance you need to travel to find them.

LynQ users can also set up a “home base” that they can track back to should they become lost or separated. This feature could come in handy in the backcountry by helping hikers find their way back to their campsite, for instance. The device can also create a geofenced area and alert others if someone they are tracking has moved out of the safe zone. Parents could find that handy for keeping track of kids, while pet owners could do the same.

The LynQ is powered by a rechargeable power cell that is claimed to offer up to three days of battery life between charges. The gadget can reportedly track other LynQ users from up to 3 miles away, although the topography of the terrain or interference from other electronic devices could shorten that distance considerably.

When the LynQ ships to retail, it is expected to sell for around $200 for a set of two units. Early bird supporters can order that same set for just $154, although it is important to know the risks of backing any crowdfunding project.

Find out more at the official LynQ website.

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