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These are the best iPhone X cases to protect your new Apple investment

By Simon Hill

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Caudabe Veil XT Case

We knew the 10th-anniversary edition of Apple’s influential iPhone was going to be something special. The iPhone X sports a big and beautiful, edge-to-edge, bezel-less screen, packs some serious power under the hood, and boasts a dual-lens camera. We lauded the phone’s gorgeous design in our iPhone X review, but the glass panels located on the front and back of the device may indicate fragility; we suspect this phone can be damaged all too easily. Below are the best iPhone X cases and covers available, whether you want stylish protection or something more durable.

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case ($30+)

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case for iPhone X
Simon Hill / Digital Trends

Originally taking the market by storm with its highly protective CrashGuard bumper, RhinoShield has moved on to full cases, and the SolidSuit range will tempt iPhone X owners. All of these cases offer the same impressive drop protection from up to 11 feet. There’s a protective lip for the screen, tactile button covers, and precise cutouts. The cases are also compatible with RhinoShield’s tempered glass screen protector and the nifty lens adapters for things like wide-angle and macro photography. You can opt for various finishes, including plain black or white plastic, carbon fiber, and a range of wood finishes — our favorite isdark walnut with a black bumper. RhinoShield also has leather, microfiber, and brushed steel in the works.

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Amazon RhinoShield

Photo: Simon Hill / Digital Trends

Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case ($55)

Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case for iPhone X

With five layers of protection, the Monarch case from UAG is every bit as tough as it looks. We like the platinum finish, which is actually polycarbonate over leather with a textured surround that really enhances your grip. If your prized possession does slip from your hands, have no fear — this case will safeguard your iPhone X from falls and bumps. Despite the chunky look, it’s actually quite slim and very lightweight. It also doesn’t interfere with wireless charging or Apple Pay.

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Amazon UAG

Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Case ($80+)

Dog&Bone Wetsuit Impact for iPhone X

You may wonder about the necessity of a waterproof case when the iPhone X is already IP67 rated, but this case from Dog & Bone offers a higher IP68 rating. That means it can handle deeper water — up to 2 meters instead of 1 — and it will keep dust out. There’s also a built-in glass screen protector with a 9H hardness rating and a reinforced rubber body that promises drop protection from falls up to 6.6 feet. The back is transparent, so your Apple logo shows through, but every bit of your iPhone X is protected in this case. Since it seals your iPhone X inside you can expect some impact on sound, but if you want complete 360-degree protection, this might be the case for you.

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AmazonDog & Bone

Native Union Clic Canvas($35)

best iphone x cases native union clic canvas rear

Native Union always delivers style in spades with its Clic smartphone cases, and the new Clic Canvas for the iPhone X is no exception. It delivers plenty of drop proofing, with strong reinforced edges that extend over the screen for facedown, table-top protection, and around the camera lens too. It’s the canvas section that makes the Clic Canvas look and feel great. It’s tactile, hardwearing, and looks cool. The Native Union logo is raised, giving the back an even classier look. It’s also lightweight and easy to fit and remove. The button covers are quite hard to press when the case is new, though.

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Amazon Native Union

Photo: Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Skech Vortex Case ($45)

Skech Vortex Case

The clever new Vortex case from Skech combines top-quality protection with some seriously nifty features. It’s a hard shell that has been drop tested up to 10 feet. There’s a lovely soft-touch finish and a clever metal ring on the back that can be extended to act as a kickstand for propping your iPhone X up. You can also slip a finger into it to keep a firm hold on your phone. Each Vortex case ships with a magnetic vent mount for the car. The only drawback is that wireless charging doesn’t work because of the metal.

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Photo: Simon Hill / Digital Trends

Mikol Waitomo Ruby Travertine Case ($175)

Mikol Waitomo Ruby Travertine Case

Seeking something different? Mikol offers a stunning range of marble, amethyst, and other stone cases. This travertine case is expensive, but the Italian limestone gets its special look from mineral springs and it glows in the dark. The case itself is minimalist, black plastic with accurate cut-outs for easy access to everything. The hand-cut and sanded stone is unique, and you can get your initials or name engraved in hold on the back for an extra $25.

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Photo: Simon Hill / Digital Trends

Gear4 D3O Piccadilly Case ($40)

Gear4 D3O Piccadilly Case

Crafted using the remarkable D3O material, this case from Gear4 can handle drops and bumps with ease, protecting your iPhone X from falls of up to 10 feet. The case is clear with accurate cut-outs for the camera, side button, and port, and tactile button covers. The chunky, colored, rounded frame adds some grip and extends beyond the screen to take the sting out of impacts. It comes in white, rose gold, gold, or black.

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Photo: Simon Hill / Digital Trends

Caudabe Veil XT Case ($20)

Caudabe Veil XT Case

At just 0.35mm thick, this is among the thinnest iPhone X cases around. If you don’t want to cramp Apple’s style, then this could be for you. Don’t expect much in the way of drop protection, but the textured finish will enhance your grip. There’s a raised lip around the camera lens, but there’s no bezel around the screen. The button covers and openings are precise, and this case feels like a second skin. The frost version is translucent, or you can opt for bright blue, red, or black.

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Noreve Tradition Case ($65+)

Noreve Tradition Case

Stylish padded leather from France is a nice way to dress your iPhone X, providing an elegant look and ensuring protection against damage. This case flips open with a hinge at the bottom and a secure snap closure at the top. The iPhone X is held snug and secure and you’ll find cut-outs for the buttons, camera, and port. You can choose the precise leather grain and color you want to achieve your ideal leather iPhone X case.

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Nomad Clear Case ($40)

Nomad always makes great use of leather in its cases, and the Clear Case for the iPhone X may be our favorite design from the company yet. It doesn’t overdo the leather, restricting it to a single panel on the back of the phone, to enhance grip and give the case a classy look. The rear panel is crystal clear polycarbonate, which is blended into softer, protective TPU on the sides. Nomad has put the case through some serious protection tests, and says it’s good for drops from up to six feet. Nomad also makes the same case for the iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

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Nomad Amazon

Grovemade Minimalist Tough Case ($100)

Grovemade Minimalist Tough Case

When you shop for rugged iPhone cases it can be difficult to find solid protection that doesn’t compromise on style. An industrial, durable aesthetic isn’t going to work for everyone, and that’s why Portland-based Grovemade has developed a new line of iPhone X cases that blend drop protection with stylish, natural materials. These tough frames combine anodized aluminum with a shock absorbing elastomer band and come with a choice of wood or leather back panels. Our top pick combines black aluminum with American Walnut, which has a discounted pre-order price of $100, but you can also snag the bumper for $80 or the black leather version for $110.

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Nodus Access Case ($68)

Nodus Access Case 3

This classy wallet case is made from Italian leather and comes in brown, black, gray, and teal varieties. The neatly stitched, textured leather exterior is stylish and practical. Inside, things are a little different from the majority of wallet cases, because there’s no plastic shell. Your iPhone X is held in place by a micro suction pad of adhesive that won’t mark your device. There’s a single, large pocket for cards or cash in the cover and you can fold it back to act as a landscape stand. The interior has a soft, microfiber finish and, because there’s no shell, you have uninterrupted access to ports, controls, and other features, but there is a cut-out on the back for the dual camera.

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Amazon Nodus

Rokform Crystal Case ($50)

Rokform Crystal Case

The big attraction of Rokform’s cases is the clever mounting system for securely fixing your iPhone to your bike, car, motorcycle, or anything else. You don’t just get Rokform’s clever locking system, though, there’s also a magnet on the back and each case ships with a magnetic mount for the air vent in your car. These cases meet military drop test standards and mix clear polycarbonate with flexible, black TPU padding where you need it most. The Crystal is the slim option and it comes in a range of different colors, but they also do a Rugged Case with a textured finish for the same price.

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Rokform Amazon

Mous Limitless Case ($45-$55)

Mous Limitless Case

Here’s another case manufacturer intent on delivering military-grade protection in a stylish package. The Limitless case from Mous is a fairly slim shell with an inlaid back panel that comes in a range of different materials including wood, carbon fiber, leather, and marble. Mous relies on “AiroShock,” a smart material that can absorb a lot of impact shock and take the sting out of falls. The case design includes the usual range of button covers and cut-outs for easy access to all your iPhone’s functions.

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Speck Presidio Ultra Case ($40)

Speck Presidio Ultra Case

Sometimes you want extra protection, but you don’t necessarily want your iPhone to wear a bulky case all the time. Speck may have the answer. The Presidio Ultra offers drop protection up to 15 feet with four layers of protection, including dirt and dust resistance thanks to button and port covers. But the base is a regular Presidio case, which is a slim, protective plastic shell with the full range of cut-outs you need, drop protection up to 10 feet, and a durable finish. When you want the extra protection, you simply slip the Impactium Ultra bumper on top.

Buy it now from:

Speck Amazon

Snakehive Pastel Collection Wallet Case ($30)

Snakehive Pastel Collection Wallet Case

Designed in the U.K. and handcrafted in Europe, these soft leather wallet cases for your iPhone X come in a range of appealing pastel colors for a different look. The Nubuck leather exterior is sanded to give it a soft suede texture that’s comfortable to hold. There’s a magnetic closure on the cover and you’ll find space inside for a few cards. The cover can also fold back to act as landscape stand. There’s a plastic shell inside to hold your iPhone X in place, but openings and button covers provide full access to everything.

Buy it now from:

Snakehive Amazon

Peel Case ($25)

Peel Case

The ethos behind Peel’s cases seems to fit with Apple’s iPhone perfectly. These cases are intended to be minimalist, subtle, and free of logos. They’re only 0.35mm thick and have a semi-transparent matte finish in a wide range of different colors. Apple’s design shows through, but you benefit from a thin layer of protection against scratches and bumps. We wouldn’t rely on these iPhone X cases for drop protection, but if you just want something simple, they’re ideal.

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Karapax Shield Case ($4)

Karapax Shield+ Case

This one-piece shell case allies polycarbonate with TPU to safeguard your iPhone X from tumbles and bumps. It feels flexible, sports cut-outs in all the right places, and has soft button covers that are easy to press. The back features an industrial design with black gloss and carbon fiber highlights. If you’ve never heard the name Karapax before, that’s because it’s a new case brand from one of our favorite portable battery chargermanufacturers, Anker. This iPhone X case offers decent drop protection at a low price.

Buy it now from:

Anker Amazon

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case ($50)

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

Leather feels good in hand and it ages gracefully, acquiring more character as it breaks in, so Mujjo’s full-grain leather cases are well worth a look. We like the wallet variety because it includes a simple, slanted leather pocket stitched onto the back, capable of holding a couple of credit cards and your ID. There are leather button covers, openings for the camera and other features, and a slight bezel around the screen. The inside of the case is super soft microfiber.

Buy it now from:

Mujjo Amazon

Case-Mate Brilliance Tough Case ($60)

Case-Mate Brilliance Tough Case

For serious eye-catching sparkle, the Case-Mate Brilliance range cannot be beaten. Each case features more than 800 real crystals framed by metal accents. The underlying dual-layer shell meets military drop test standards, so your iPhone X can survive a fall with this case on. You’ll also find a raised lip to safeguard the screen, metallic button covers, and generous openings for ports and other functions. The Iridescent version is pictured, but this also comes in rose gold, lace, and champagne.

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Case-Mate Amazon

Otterbox Strada Series Folio Case ($45)

otterbox best iphone x cases

One name comes up again and again when you talk about smartphone protection: Otterbox. Otterbox cases are put through a stringent series of tests, from normal drop tests to makeup resistance, so you can be sure that Otterbox cases are built to last. Their Strada folio series is of particular interest to anyone who wants to keep their device protected, but still give off an air of executive style. A wrap-around premium leather cover keeps the touchscreen protected when not in use, and comes with a vertical card slot to keep transport tickets, credit cards, or cash close at hand. The polycarbonate shell snaps onto your iPhone, has a raised edge to protect the screen even when uncovered, and is covered by Otterbox’s Certified Drop+ Protection. Excellent protection paired with style you’ll be happy to show off.

Buy it now from:

Otterbox Amazon

Moment Photo Case ($30)

moment best iphone x cases

We haven’t had much time to play with the iPhone X’s camera yet, but if it’s as good as the dual-snappers on the iPhone 8 Plus, then it’s likely to be a showstopper. If you’re looking forward to iPhone X photography, then this case from Moment will help take your shooting game to the next level. The thin but durable body of the case protects against drops and bumps, while the back panel of black canvas provides a textured surface to help keep your grip while taking the perfect shot. A layer of microsuede inside the case cushions and protects your phone, and the bottom of the case even has a wrist-strap attachment for ultimate peace of mind. And what sort of Moment case would this be without attachments for each of Moment’s premium photo lenses. The perfect case for any smartphone photography enthusiast.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Moment

Olixar X-Ranger Survival Case w/ Multi-tool ($28)

olixar best iphone x cases

Olixar has done a great job bursting into the smartphone accessory scene with a range of affordable products, and the X-Ranger is their attempt at diversifying their range of cases. Rubberized bumper pads and a textured metal-effect to the polycarbonate lend grip to the case, while the bottom of the case can be folded out into a stand for easy viewing. But that’s not all — behind the kickstand you’ll also find an Olixar-branded multi-tool with 26 different functions, including a knife blade, set of hex wrenches, a screwdriver, and more. If you don’t need the multi-tool, then you can easily replace it for a credit card. Simple, but effective.

Buy it now from:

Olixar Mobile Fun Amazon

Spigen Hybrid Armor Tough Case ($30)

spigen best iphone x cases

Spigen‘s newest addition to their line of classic cases, the Hybrid Armor is a double-whammy of protection. An inner layer of shock-absorbent TPU protects the phone from bumps and adds grip, while the outer layer of polycarbonate adds firm protection and doubles-down on defence. Spigen’s Air Cushion technology protects the vulnerable corners of the iPhone X, and raised edges along the outside of the screen and the camera cut-out elevate those areas from surfaces and keep them away from potential hazards. The look screams protection, and the case itself feels solid in your hand, while still not adding too much bulk to your sleek and svelte phone. Another potential hit for Spigen.

Buy it now from:

Spigen Amazon

Vaja Premium Leather Wallet Case ($150)

vaja best iphone x cases

Why should your iPhone X settle for anything other than the best? This wallet case from Vaja blocks RFID, comes with four card slots (and a pocket for folded notes), and has a hard polycarbonate backbone. But what really makes Vaja cases stand out from the crowd is the sheer quality. Each Vaja case is handmade by a master artisan, from the finest Patagonian leather that only gets more beautiful and luxurious with age. These cases are soft, feel great, and are simply the best leather cases that money can buy. And if you really want a special experience, you can order your own specially crafted custom case with your choice of leather and color.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Vaja

Want more options? The Manual has rounded up the most stylish iPhone X cases available, and our list of the best iPhone 8 cases might also inspire you. Happy shopping!

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